3 little words that will TICKLE his heart‏

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Here are 3 words that will keep the man you love infatuated with you. Most women are good at using 1 of them, but if you’re able to use all 3, it will keep the romantic fires burning forever

Men love it when you say yes because it makes them feel like they’ve conquered you. It’s feels like he won a gladiator fight and you are the fair maiden looking at him with pride and saying “Yes” to his request. 

Yes, it really does. What is appealing is your willingness to try new things and not just what you find interesting. Before your heart sinks with fear, this doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything. Which leads us to the second word…
Say NO

Whenever he wants you to do something that is scary, embarrassing or demeaning you must say “No”. It isn’t just a good boundary; it makes you more desirable because it tells him that you’re willing to put your heart ahead of him, if you need to. 

He might get mad or annoyed, but that’s not what you should be most worried about. Short term he might like your accommodating nature, but in time avoiding saying “No” will make him grow bored with you. 

Every so often, when you’re going to say “Yes” anyway, try saying “Maybe” instead
He says, “Can I see you tomorrow?” You smile and say “Maybe.”
He says, “Can I come over tonight?” You smile and whisper into the phone, “Maybe.”

Don’t do this the first time a man asks you out because he might think you’re turning him down. Yet when you’re in a relationship this word is very flirtatious. 

The secret reason for using it is this: Men know that when a woman says, “Maybe”, she’s really saying “Yes” but she just wants him to try a little harder.

credit: emel by Bob Grant

ni, auto published entry. mem besar ada meeting dengan SU PBB ;-)

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  1. HIHI...
    zaman remaja remaji dlu adalah kes tackle mentackle ni...

  2. 'Maybe' perempuan ada banyaaaaaaaak makna tersirat dan tersurat. haha

  3. Cikna ni sllu say NO je pastu gaduh2 manja,hahaa.....;-)

  4. Tickle his heart ya? Comel, hehe :D
    Tapi, yang Maybe tu biasa guna masa tengah baru-baru bercinta. Semuanya Maybe. Semuanya nampak comel sokmo, hiks :p

  5. Waaaa.... comel skali falsafah ni...

    Tp xde org yg den nk say yes no maybe...



  6. ok..nanti nak try ngan boyfriend..wait, I don't have one *nangis belakang pintu*

  7. jawapan selamat ... maybe la kan :)

  8. hai kakak.. kasi tips tips ehehe nampak =D

  9. Kalau jawab maybe sebab tak nak bagi harapan..

  10. hehehe.. payah juga kalau mcm ni. kena cari jawapan selamat



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