Thank You For Being My Friend

8:00 am

He is so very dear to me, 
Through the good and bad he has been there, 
Laughter or tears we’ve been through it all, 
But no matter what he stood by me, 
Sharing in my joy, or lending a shoulder to cry on, 
Building memories that will last a life time. 
The fun times and laughter that we have shared, 
Are happy memories that will always be there, 
When I was sad, he has always cheered me up, 
He is my true friend, not just passing by, but will be there through out the years. 
I can’t think of more perfect friends, to share my goals and dreams with, 
Because my forever friend is the only ones I will ever need, 
I don’t know if he can tell, 
Just how much he means to me, 
How important this friendship is, 
And how much I care, 
For him is what true friendship is about, 
He is there when I need him, and I love him all.

Kisah Silam Untuk Masa Depan

2 Words of Lo♥e


yea yea...
mekacih korang!
nanti anies BW ya!
mungkin lewat BW..
tapi yang PASTI,
anies tetap akan
TERJAH blog korang!